Jerome Duffell

Luthier Guitar Maker


Only the best quality and well seasoned wood are used in the construction of my guitars.

Custom made Guitars

Custom guitars made with a love for a high quality tonal experience.

I like to work with musicians to create their dream instrument, helping them chose the wood and materials that will lead to the sound they are searching for.


Traditional & Modern

For my instruments I laminate similar to the way Selmer produced their backs and sides from multiple veneers.

Each top used has been hand picked and dried, only the best tops are sourced and used in my builds. The necks too are made from high quality mahogany or walnut thats been properly dried.

I use European spruce for more traditional sounding instruments and western red cedar is sculpted to produce a more modern sound.

Left handed guitars are also available to order.

To discus having your custom guitar made please email me or go to my contact page.

I currently use Rubner tuners but millers can also be used on your guitar for a more traditional look.

For more info on pricing and guitar specifics and all options please contact me.

Guitars for sale

My guitars are all hand made to order and due to reputation theres a waiting list.

The waiting time is currently a year but sometimes I may have something available sooner through my news page or Facebook.

"The moment it fell into my hands, I understood what a guitar with a big sound was all about. Today its my main tool for gypsy jazz"

Frank Soucy -La Verdine - Montréal QB / Paris FR