Jerome Duffell

Luthier Guitar Maker


Adrien Marco

Adrien is a superb professional guitarist at the cutting edge of the French gypsy jazz scene in Paris, his playing is both majestic and playful.
A tasteful player who has wonderful vibrato and unique tone.

Alessandro di virgillo

Alessandro is a uniquely talented and brilliant guitarist and composer from Italy. His band Acordi Disacordi are widely recognised on the international jazz scene for their albums and appearances at European jazz festivals and worldwide tours.

Christiaan Van Hemert

Christiaan is one of the premier violinists in the current gypsy jazz scene and often performs as a guest of the Rosenberg Trio and alongside Stochelo Rosenberg in different groups.  He has played with countless high profile gypsy jazz artists among which are Mozes Rosenberg, Paulus Schafer, Joscho Stefan, Fapy Lafertin, Tchavolo Schmitt, Roby Lakatos, Remi Harris, Gary Potter and many others. He often hosts workshops worldwide both on violin and guitar and is an expert. He runs the Rosenberg academy and is an author of gypsy jazz books. He teaches as well through his very successful YouTube and Patrion videos.

Christiaan also hosts a well known YouTube channel all about gypsy jazz guitar with nearly 35.000 subscribers and more than 3 million views. He is also the author behind the best selling “Van Hemert System” jazz guitar book series, which introduced a novel approach to jazz education through online gamification.


Filippo is a professional Gypsy jazz guitar player and the founder of the Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master and Gypsy Jazz Guitar Makeover Coaching programs. He has played over 1,500 gigs (and counting!), and he toured and recorded with legends such as Stochelo Rosenberg, Mozes Rosenberg, Lollo Meier, Giacomo Smith, Duved Dunayevsky, and contemporary musicians such as The Onironauts and Tara Minton (Björk) to name a few.

In addition to 20 years of teaching experience, about 2 years ago Filippo has started the Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master project as a means to replicate his tried and tested process with students.

Ola Erlien

Ola Erlien is a very exciting and uniquely talented Norwegian guitar player, currently player based in Oslo. He joined Hot Club de Norvège at the age of 18 and has since then toured around Europe with them and plenty of other groups as well as his formidable duo with Gustav Skaaret.

Josh Kaye

Originally from London, England, Josh Kaye is a NYC based guitarist, oud player, and composer. Josh currently performs across the U.S. as a member of the Stephane Wrembel band and leads his own original Middle Eastern fusion project, Baklava Express. Josh has performed at such legendary venues as The Town Hall, Dizzy’s Club, The Blue Note, Smalls Jazz Club, and Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater. Josh’s playing can also be heard in the films, Rifkin’s Festival, Adieu Lacan, and Ariel, as well as the video game, Call of Duty – Wild Dogs.

Gustav Skaaret

Gustav Skaaret is an exciting young up and coming guitarist and improviser from Norway. In January 2024 he released his debut album along with guitarist Ola Erlien and their band.

Luke Hendon

Luke Hendon is a guitarist, and composer currently residing north of New York City in the peaceful country side of Connecticut
Luke has been involved with the international gypsy jazz community for the last fifteen or so years. He has performed and taught at major festivals and performed with many of the top players from around the world. Luke has also had success in the world of funk, jazz and rock and roll and is still searching for his voice, “that sound”! His last album was celebrated in the jazz community and noted for mixing different elements and styles into the compositions.

Thor Jensen

Thor Jensen has traveled a lot of different roads. From chasing buses in a grease powered van, playing Americana music with Quiet Life and opening for the likes of Dr. Dog, Portugal. The Man, The Head and the Heart, and Shovels and Rope. Then onto joining the Stephane Wrembel Band, playing both Stephane’s original music and the music of Django Reinhardt, performing at Carnegie Hall, Town Hall, the Lyon Opera House and touring all over the world, all the while immersing himself in New York’s early jazz scene. He’s toured Europe with world/roots band Hazmat Modine, and dipped back into early jazz a bit with Sweet Megg, playing both stateside and throughout Russia. In 2019 he released a little EP as a catapult to simply perform his own music, focusing heavily on putting together a live show that puts improvisation front and center, both in trio and solo. He’s currently living in Nashville, TN, and can be seen in town and on the road with Campbell/Jensen, Ashley Campbell, Megg Farrell, and New York band Hazmat Modine. Go listen to his new record everywhere you stream music.

Frank Soucy

The Québécois guitarist-composer is known for his duo composer project La Verdine, working alongside famous virtuoso violinist-composer Raphaël-Tristan Jouaville. The project was awarded the Prix de la Scène des luthiers du Festival Django Reinhardt de Fontainebleau Competition (France) in 2018.

Frank has since taken part in a number of tours all over Europe  and Eastern Europe with the collective Les Poissons Voyageurs, and as a freelance musician in the United States and Québec.  Bluegrass aficionado and folk singer-songwriter, Frank shares his passion for music and composition across many borders.

Lewis Kilvington

Lewis is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher from Hull, UK specialising in gypsy jazz. Lewis has performed all around the UK, France and the Netherlands.

He is also really passionate about teaching and has an ever growing student base with students from all around the world learning the music of Django Reinhardt.

He has a growing online presence with his YouTube channel posting tuition videos on the genre.

“In short, guitar after guitar, Jerome consistently produces some of the finest, incredible instruments available.”

Nick Christie - Guitarist - Malmö Sweden